About Me

My name is Carissa.  I’m in my final year of the Master of Divinity degree at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL.  I am a certified candidate on the deacon track toward ordination in the United Methodist Church.

I’m a lifelong student so far, but I have a passion for teaching, and I look forward to entering the real world so that I can let that passion take flight.  I’m planning to get a teaching license and minister to children (and families) through the teaching of English as a Second Language in the public school system.  Besides teaching, I’m excited to look for ways to engage the people of the church so that they can respond to the needs of the community—particularly the immigrant/refugee community.  Ministry is not something restricted to the church building, or to clergy.  I strongly believe that ministry is for all Christians to do as they reach out in love to people around them.

I am happily married to a fellow seminarian (even though he’s Presbyterian), and we are the proud parents of a border collie puppy.  Besides reading about and discussing theology, I love baking (and eating) yummy desserts, reading fantasy novels, going on walks, enjoying good music, and spending time with friends.

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