12 Questions: A Time to Reflect

A few days ago, Liz shared a few questions for other bloggers to ponder and answer as a time to pause and reflect a little bit. I don’t usually post things like this, but I thought the questions were really powerful and decided I’d better give it a shot!

What’s your favorite way to pass time? What do you enjoy most?

Well, for the cheesy answer, I enjoy any time I get to spend with my husband. 🙂 Of the things we do together, I’d say my favorite is when we just sit (or walk) and talk about deep things together for hours. Every time we have one of those epic conversations, I just think to myself about how there is nothing better in the world. But a close second would be the moments of pure bliss when the two of us get to relax outside in beautiful weather, watching our adorable dog run and play his heart out–the epitome of joie de vivre.

What is the best or hardest decision you have ever made?

Speaking of conversations with my husband, we literally JUST talked about this question a couple days ago. In reflecting on it, I’d have to say that the best and hardest decision I’ve ever made was to end a romantic relationship that I had finally realized was toxic to me and would’ve pulled me down a far different path for my life than I now have the joy and privilege to live. I probably would’ve come to my senses at some point before things got completely out of hand, but I am incredibly grateful that I had the self-awareness and courage to get out of it when I did. And, happily, ending that relationship made room for me to meet and fall in love with the man who I am now so blessed to be married to.

Describe your personality with only one word.

Hmm… SUCH a tough task for someone as longwinded as me! Well, I’m going to go with “purposeful.” I think that encompasses many of the aspects of my personality that are either strongest or most important to me (or both). I am very meticulous and a little obsessed with being productive, so everything I do has to have some sort of purpose. There are few things that can put me off-balance as quickly or reliably as having an indefinite period of unstructured time ahead of me and no plans to organize it.

On the faith side of things, I try hard to align my life to greater purposes than my own–living out my calling to serve God and neighbor. This comes out most visibly in my choice of career and ministry path, but I also seek to do this in smaller ways like how I spend my money, how my daily decisions can make a difference in bringing a little more justice into the world.

What’s been the most important/transformative moment in your life during the past year?

This has been a CRAZY INSANE year for me, so I really don’t think I can pick just one. It seems like all the big things in my life have transformed hugely in the last year! First of all, I got commissioned as a deacon in the UMC this May, which was an enormous step in my own call into ministry. The feeling of the support and prayers of the entire annual conference, as well as the pull of the Holy Spirit on my during the commissioning service was incredible. I left that moment totally inspired to be a leader, bridging the church and the world. (Not that I’ve been 100% successful at that in the months since, but still…)

Secondly, this has been the first year of my entry into the career I’ve been dreaming about ever since feeling a call to it about 5 years ago. I got to student teach from January to May, and working in a school every day felt so perfect and amazing that I didn’t even really mind the horribly early mornings, nights away from my family, or 2+ hour each way weekend commutes. It was a transformative period for me because I finally was able to transition from the identity of “student” (which I’ve been FOREVER) to “teacher,” which I was delighted to find fit me just as well as I had believed it would. And now, I’ve been teaching in my own classroom for the past 2 months and truly love it. I’m blessed to have wonderful students and supportive administrators, and it has been the most amazing adventure.

Third, because yes there’s more, there was the whole finding-out-I’m-pregnant thing! In mid-July, we found out that we’re expecting our first child to arrive around the beginning of March! This is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but there was still always that fear of moving into the unknown… jumping from a marriage I love to a bigger family with a new member who will force us to change our routines (probably more than I can even imagine at this stage!). And I think the reality of seeing proof of it… in the form of a positive pregnancy test one day, when it was far too early in the morning for me to fully process anything… was the step I needed to start to move past the apprehension and into the eager anticipation. So now we’re just excited! As my belly grows and the baby becomes more and more noticeable to the outside world, I feel so privileged to get to have such a close connection to another human life and to feel the little kicks and movements when they’re still too small to discern from the outside. It’s still hard to imagine the kind of baby, and child, and human being that this new life will become–but I can’t wait to find out! I don’t necessarily feel prepared to be a parent, but I don’t think many people ever do beforehand, so I’m excited for the journey into this crazy new challenge that our bundle of joy will bring in a few months!

What is standing between you and happiness?

Wow, that’s a deep question. It’s really hard for me to answer it because (as I hope you’ve noticed through reading my previous answers), I have SO much happiness in my life already. I am so thankful to have a life where I don’t have to constantly worry about money, where I feel loved on a daily basis and have so many amazing people in my life, and where I have a job/career that I care deeply about, find meaningful on a daily basis, and can make a (small) income doing.

The only thing that could make me happier would be to know that more people (well, everybody) could live as blessed of a life as this. It’s hard sometimes to balance wanting to enjoy and appreciate the good things in my life with not forgetting those who don’t have such abundance around them, and making sure I actually do something about it other than feel guilty.

What (or who) are you most grateful for?

I could write such a long list here, but seeing as this post is already super long and I’m only halfway through the questions, I’ll go with the short-and-sweet, easy answer: my husband! And he definitely is a cut above all the rest, although I love and appreciate them all so much as well. If he weren’t, I wouldn’t have married him!

Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have never done before?

In trying to come up with this answer, I’m discovering that perhaps I should create a bucket list somewhere to keep track of all the things I’d love to do… ride in a hot air balloon, see Les Mis on Broadway, travel to Scotland/Ireland/Germany/Switzerland/Sweden(over and over)/U.S. road trip/Central America… But for my “main” answer, I’d say– learn Spanish. I’ve been meaning to actually study it in an organized, disciplined way for years. I already know a decent amount of Spanish from one year of it in high school, plus a lot of interactions with Spanish-speaking ELL students in the last couple years. But my comprehension is way above my ability to produce Spanish, and I just wish I had studied it more thoroughly at some point to gain some fluency. Someday…

Where have you lived in your life? If you’ve never moved (or even if you have), where would you like to try living?

Oh, sooo many places! I’ve lived in 6 cities across southern Minnesota, 2 cities in Wisconsin, 1 in Illinois, and 1 in South Dakota. Plus 1 in Sweden. I tend to keep to the cold climates, it seems, which is silly for someone as cold-blooded as me. I will always consider Minnesota my home, so that’s the place I long for the most right now. But I would love to try living in Bath, England, too. When we visited there on our trip to Europe in 2011, it was the most incredible small city. It would be such an amazing place to get to stay day after day after day.

What is the most important/most meaningful thing in life?

I guess my answer here is twofold. First, it’s important to feel loved and secure in knowing you matter and have value. Second, it’s important (at least for me) to have a purpose behind what you do so that you can feel like it has more meaning than just whatever incidental enjoyment or effect is happening in the moment. While the enjoyment of the moment itself certainly can be the purpose, I don’t think that should be the limit of what our lives are for. As a Christian, I believe that God is calling us all into lives of greater peace and joy as we find our own unique ways to love and serve those around us and make the world a better place, one person and one moment at a time.

In one sentence share what your wish for your future.

My wish for my future is that I can continue living into my path as a teacher, a deacon, a wife, and a mother and that through these roles I can find meaning while helping to make a positive difference in the world around me.

Where do you find your inspiration + motivation?

As a theologically educated person of faith, my inspiration and motivation comes from my beliefs about God and the Way of living embodied and taught by Jesus Christ. I sometimes experience inspiration directly through the biblical text, but oftentimes it comes through the spoken or written words of others in sermons, theological books/articles, and even everyday conversations.

What is your motto in life?

For those interested, I consider Romans 12:1-18 to be my “plumb line” text, as they called it in seminary. It’s sort of like a motto in that I think it summarizes my philosophy about what a good life looks like. But it’s also quite long.

A shorter one, that I’ll steal from John Wesley (the founder of Methodism) via Liz, is “The world is my parish.” When John Wesley said it originally, he meant it in that he would take his preaching out of the church buildings and into the fields where all the poor and working class people were. For me, it’s similar. In my call as a deacon, I feel strongly that I should be living out a life of love and service to others in the name of Christ, but that (for me) it should be done out in the world rather than in the church building. As I’ve described in various questions above, I try [with varying levels of success] to align my daily decisions with my call to love my neighbors as myself, and I truly believe that even those little things are an important form of ministry. And that goes for all Christians–all people of faith, in fact–it’s not limited to deacons or pastors or clergy. So when I say “The world is my parish,” I mean that my faith doesn’t stop at the door when I leave the church, and it doesn’t disappear when it’s not being talked about explicitly. I want my whole life to reflect the goodness, love, and mercy of the God who created and called me (and all of us) into a relationship of wholeness and joy.

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5 Responses to 12 Questions: A Time to Reflect

  1. liz says:

    My goodness, I could write forever and ever back to you on this post!! I absolutely loved soaking up your thoughts – and I hear myself so much in your words and phrases. So, it’s a bit like coming home to read your responses. So many similarities, yet different experiences. What a beautiful connection, I believe.

    I am so very happy for you and David – for so many things. You really are in a very sweet spot of life right now, and I can feel your absolute gratitude for it all. Lots of love to you and David, and the little bean too! Thanks so much for such an inspiring response/post! xoxo

    • carissalick says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Liz! Yes, it’s kind of bizarre sometimes how many similarities the two of us have, which is one reason I enjoy following your blog so much. I’m sure some of your language and ideas came out in this post. 🙂 But anyway, yes, I am so grateful for the stage of life I’m in right now!

  2. David says:

    Beautiful, my love. You are such a gifted person, and it has truly been a blessing to watch you step up and live into the calls on your life in this last year. My own greatest joy comes from seeing you embrace who you are and live into being who God calls you to be – although, as you point out, watching our puppy-dog run around is pretty great, too. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see where we go next!

  3. Barb says:

    Some quote about “that moment you realize your kid has grown up to be a wonderful person” or something like that. I so enjoyed listening to your heart in these responses. I am proud of the beautiful young woman you have become, living into the passion of your callings. And you are dang good at articulating your thoughts! You are a blessing to me! Love, Mom

  4. Cathy Lick says:

    Oh, Carissa…it is such a privilege to have you as a daughter-in-law. I am so pleased to pass on to others, that all the things you said in answer to these questions, I know to be true about you. You, truly, “walk the walk” as evidenced by your daily living. I thank God that you had wonderful parents who fashioned you to be who you are and a source of light in David’s life! Much love to you.
    The other, Mom!!!!

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