Some poetry to inspire

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In doing research for an exegesis paper on the songs of the Lukan nativity story, I ran across a really cool book called Let’s Be Revolting: A Study of the Magnificat, by Ann Bird and Stuart Burgess. It’s a short little book with some meditations on Mary’s famous hymn (found in Luke 1:46-55), but I liked it so much that I ordered myself a copy. Even though they’re not available in the U.S. and I had to get it shipped from England. It’s that good.

One thing I love about the book is that it contains a whole bunch of cool poems and prayers related to or inspired by the Magnificat. This is one of them, which I’ll share because I think it relates to my most recent blog posts regarding change and transformation. Enjoy!

Creed of Transformation

I believe in God

Who didn’t create the world as something finished

as a thing which has to remain the same forever

who doesn’t rule by eternal laws

which are irrevocable

nor by natural order of poor or rich

experts and uninformed

rulers and helpless.


I believe in God

who wants the conflict among the living

and the transformation of the existing

by our work

by our politics.

I believe in Jesus Christ

who was right when he

‘an individual who cannot do anything’

like ourselves

worked on the transformation of all things in existence

and perished doing it.

Looking at him I realize

how our intelligence is crippled

our fantasy suffocated

our efforts wasted

because we don’t live the way he lived.

Every day I fear

that he died in vain

because he is buried in our churches

because we have betrayed his revolution

in obedience and fear

of the authorities.


I believe in Jesus Christ

Who rises into our lives

in order that we may be freed

from prejudice and arrogance

from fear and hatred

and may carry forward his revolution

towards his kingdom.

I believe in the spirit

who came with Jesus into the world,

in the community of all nations

and in our responsibility

for what will become of our earth,

a valley of misery, starvation and violence

or the city of God.

I believe in just peace

which can be achieved in the possibility of a meaningful life

for all people

in the future of this world of God.

Dorothee Sölle

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1 Response to Some poetry to inspire

  1. liz says:

    this is beautiful!! thanks so much for sharing! so glad you ordered the book. 🙂

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