BeLoveLive December Photo Challenge

After enjoying last month’s Thankfulness photo challenge, I decided to keep it going for one more month.  This time, the prompts were written by my friend Liz (of herself.  So, without further ado, here we go:

1. red

These are cute little Swedish tomtar that I’ve always enjoyed seeing as part of my parents’ Christmas decorations.  This year, I found out that they’re technically “mine,” so I’ve gotten to have them grace my own shelf and make my apartment more Christmasy.

2.  hope

2 hope

The day I took this picture, I found out (via FB) that one of my old high school friends is pregnant.  By this point, they’ve had the baby.  What is more hopeful than expectant parents?

3. waiting

3 waiting

My puppy and I have to wait for a few hours on Mondays before we can go pick up my husband from work.  The puppy can get impatient sometimes.

4. tree

4 tree

We don’t have a full-size tree this year.  Just a tiny one, with a picture of my alma mater in the background.

5. message

5 message

I got a voicemail!  (Yes, I have an old-school cell phone.)

6. rock

6 rock

This picture is courtesy of the L running express and forcing me to get off 2 stops early and wait for another 2 trains to come before I could get back on my way.  But the tracks are kinda pretty…

7. table

7 table

Lentil soup, wine, and candles.  Yes, please.

8. stranger

8 stranger

We see lots of strangers when we walk around downtown.

9. love

9 love

Yep.  I’m in love.

10. candles

10 candles

Candles AND one of my favorite recipes: cajun chicken pasta.

11. daily news

11 daily news

I don’t get the newspaper and didn’t feel like taking another picture of my computer screen, so here’s a shot of the view out my window every morning.

12. lights

12 lights

Our evening walks have gotten prettier now that people have lights up for decoration.  I like it.

13. ordinary

13 ordinary

This is about as ordinary as it gets in our household.

14. celebration

14 celebration

Christmas is coming, and I got to visit my family for a preview weekend due to my cousin’s wedding.

15. gifts

15 gifts

The scarf was the wedding favor from my cousin and her new husband.  Very practical for a December wedding!  Also, I discovered the existence of cake pops at that wedding.  Wonderful.

16. joy

16 joy

It filled me with joy to get to worship at this church two weekends in a row.  I only get to come here a couple times a year nowadays.

17. listening


I did a lot of listening for God’s voice back when I was going through my emotional breakdown about being a deacon.  And I do believe God spoke.

18. old/new

18 old-new

Our spider plant is both very old and bringing forth new life.

19. carols

19 carols

There’s nothing quite like the CTA holiday train to bring some holiday spirit!

20. simple

20 simple

I like to dry much of my laundry the simple, old-fashioned way.  The radiator helps, too.

21. cold

21 cold

Fittingly, this prompt came on the first day it ACTUALLY got cold.  Nice.

22. elephant

22 elephant

Apparently, some people have baby elephants for pets!?!  And they get along with dogs… strange.

23. peace

23b peace


24. silent

24 silent

Knitting is something I’ve come to really enjoy doing in the silence.

25. family

25 family

This is what it looks like when we celebrate Christmas via Skype with my sister who’s in China.

26. black

26 black

This is the walking trail near my parents’ house.  Nice new asphalt.

27. meditation

27 meditation

I struggled with this prompt since I’m not really one for mediation, but I do greatly appreciate the incarnational message of Christmas, so we’ll go with that.

28. role model

28 role model

My puppy has found his role model in his “aunt” Cali.

29. nature

29b nature

Isn’t nature beautiful?

30. memories

30a memories

We got my mother-in-law this frame for Christmas, so now our memories will be on display in their house. 🙂

31. you

31 yourself

Technically, this is me AND my husband, but close enough.  Two become one, right?



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1 Response to BeLoveLive December Photo Challenge

  1. Barb says:

    I am glad I passed through your blog tonight and got to see the rest of the month’s photos!

    The CTA holiday train is cool! I’ve never heard of that before.

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