Thankfulness Photo-a-Day Challenge

After following my friend Liz and her efforts to do photo-a-day challenges for the past several months, I decided to try it out for myself for November.  I don’t have a smartphone, so I had to do it the old-fashioned way… with my actual camera.

The idea is to take one picture every day for a month, each day based on a one-word prompt.  I, like Liz, followed the prompts from, which were all based on the idea of thankfulness.  I thought it would be a nice way to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving all month long.  I’m neither an expert photographer nor overly artistic, but I enjoyed having a reason to think creatively each day.

So without further ado, here are the pictures I took this month:

1: words

01 words

I’m doing an internship this year where I assist in an adult ESL classroom (which I love), and so I do a lot of thinking about words and how to best teach them.

2: technology

02 technology

Compared to most people my age, especially bloggers, I’m not very into technology.  But one piece of technology that makes my life MUCH easier is my bike.  It’s a cheap, efficient, and healthy way to get around the city.

3: nature

03a nature

I may live in the city, but I’m a small-town girl at heart.  So I appreciate the open spaces like you get on the shore of Lake Michigan.  It helps me feel less cramped.

4: clothing

11 clothing

My mother-in-law got me this shirt and matching earrings for my birthday, and I’m kind of in love with them now.

5: knowledge

12b knowledge   12a knowledge

These are some of my ESL students.  They are the sweetest, most fun people!  I love to see them improve in their knowledge of English.

12c knowledge

I had to take an extra picture this day, because world-renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright was in town and I got to see him in person.  Now there is some serious knowledge.

6: memories

13 memories

So many people I love up on this wall above my desk. 🙂

7: innovation

07 innovation

Elizabeth Johnson is my absolute favorite theologian.  I consider the innovation(s) of feminist (and womanist) theology to be one of the greatest things to have ever happened in the study of theology.

8: sleep

08 sleep

Our puppy, Willie, looooooooves to sleep.  So adorable.

9: holidays

09 holidays

The seminary put up some Christmas decorations just in time for me to take this picture!

10: kindness

10 kindness

I have such a great husband.  He spoils me sometimes by making me pancakes or waffles while I’m still in bed. 🙂

11: friendship

04 friendship

Did I mention he’s also my best friend?

12: music

05 music

I got to play my flute in chapel this month, which was nice.

13: time

06 time

The morning I took this picture, my normal 9:30 meeting was cancelled, so I got to stay home an extra hour.  Lovely.

14: creativity

14 creativity

I sent my sister a care package/Christmas present in the mail this year, since she’s all the way over in China.  It was fun trying to think of creative things to put in the box.

15: family

15 family

This is what our family looks like most nights.

16: inspiration

16 inspiration

Willie’s continual happiness (which is so cutely obvious in his perky, wagging tail) is a real inspiration for me.  When I’m in a bad mood, I love that I can play with him or pet him, and his happiness will rub off on me.

17: weather

17 weather...

We had unseasonably warm weather the week I took this picture.  Too bad it had to end.

18: change

18 change

Things changed when our downstairs neighbors got a puppy recently, so now Willie has a new friend who’s the same age as he is.

19: laughter

10 laughter

Psych is a show that I can count on to provide much-needed laughter. 🙂

20: food

20 food

This is homemade chili from our downstairs neighbors’ recipe.  Sooooooooooo delicious.

21: home

21 home

Whenever I get home, I’m greeted by a very sleepy but very excited puppy who wants to give me lots of love and kisses.  Dogs are the best.

22: color

22 color

We got to see the early-morning sun cut through the woods at the dog park up near my in-laws’ house on Thanksgiving.  And the dogs were having a blast!

23: energy

23 energy

I inherited what you might call a “productivity” gene from my mother, who taught me and my mother-in-law how to quilt on Black Friday.  That kept us busy for several hours.  (I liked it, though.)

24: adventure

24 adventure

Bags packed for the trip back home after a relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving.  And Willie didn’t even throw up in the car this time!

25: beauty

25 beauty

The church I attend has some seriously beautiful architecture.  My picture didn’t do it justice at all.

26: tradition

26b tradition

One of my favorite routines… or you could say traditions… in our household is that my husband reads to me while I do the dishes or cook.  In the past two years, we’ve read through the entire Harry Potter series, 2 James Herriot books, the Hunger Games trilogy, and now we’re almost done with the Inheritance cycle.  (Can you tell I/we like the young adult fantasy genre?)

27: sound

27 sound

I wouldn’t quite say I’m thankful for this sound, since it can be incredibly loud and annoying at times, but Willie’s absolute favorite toy is a squeaky basketball.  But I’m happy that he’s happy.

28: comfort

28 comfort

My husband and I got each other bathrobes this year as early Christmas presents.  So comfy!

29: art

29 art

This cross was carved out of olive wood by a Palestinian Christian family that fellow seminary students visited on their trip last January.  It’s a gorgeous addition to our bathroom wall.

30: love

30b love

This is a little corny, but I just love that I have a symbol of my connection to my husband that I get to wear on my finger everywhere I go.  Not to mention, it’s pretty!

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3 Responses to Thankfulness Photo-a-Day Challenge

  1. liz says:

    awesome pictures, carissa! i thoroughly enjoyed seeing little snippets of your daily life. thank you for sharing! kram

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